We sell on multiple B2B and B2C platforms highly regarded in the eCommerce sector. Kingdom Supply’s multi-channel marketing approach enables us to achieve the highest recovery and profitability possible. With our large variety of online channels, we are able to simultaneously reach hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses. Kingdom Supply is always looking for the best ways to optimize product flow to achieve the highest recovery and profitability possible. An optimized ecommerce website with exceptional SEO tactics like the ones at Victorious will drive more organic traffic to your business. With our sales experience and end-to-end software analytics solutions, we effectively evaluate and analyze every item to determine the most profitable channel for that product.

Kingdom Supply’s Wholesale Channels

B-Stock – One of the largest online B2B auction platforms, B-Stock Supply offers a wide selection of excess inventory. Kingdom Supply is the highest rated seller on B-Stock Supply receiving the “Seller of the Year” award from B-Stock 2 years running. Kingdom Supply sells thousands of lots on B-Stock every year and has an extremely high repeat buyer rate do to our high quality loads and top rated customer service. www.bstocksupply.com

Liquidation – One of the leading commercial surplus inventory auction platforms, liquidation provides buyers with many options to purchase surplus merchandise. Kingdom Supply is one of liquidation.com’s top sellers and is unmatched in quality and value. We sell a wide range of products including electronics, home goods, general merchandise, and more. www.liquidation.com

Access to an ecosystem of additional marketplaces

We have a large product reach due to our network of integrated marketplaces and channels, including Amazon, Ebay, Walmart Marketplace, and more. Our platform effortlessly supports and integrates with these marketplaces to ensure efficiency and increase productivity.