Sorting & Categorizing

Kingdom Supply has a unique approach to product categorization. We take large loads of mixed product and use our sorting and categorization process to break down the loads into smaller more specific product categories. Our advanced software systems and large warehouse space allows us to quickly and efficiently break down loads in to the most specific categories possible. This helps maintain quality of product while ensuring maximum profitability and the highest possible recovery rates. We end the continuous load swapping common in the industry and get our vendor’s product into the hands of the consumers.



At Kingdom Supply we are devoted to reducing waste, extending the life cycle of our products, and creating a safer and sustainable environment. We take product that would otherwise end up in a landfill, repair it, and redistribute it throughout our sales channels. Electronic waste is full of heavy metals that need to be recycled properly, and we make sure they go to the right place. This is part of our commitment to be part of sustainable practices.

Our experienced technicians diagnose and repair a wide range of consumer electronics. Using advanced refurbishment methods, we provide fast, reliable, quality repair services while minimizing e-waste. This creates a higher recovery for our products. We are saving tech that has already created energy, and turning it into something indistinguishable from a brand new product.