• Steve Smucker
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Steve has 40 years of business experience in the secondary market. He is responsible for giving Kingdom Supply its vision, and leading the management team.

  • Joshua Smucker
    Co-Founder and CFO
    Joshua Handles all of the financial responsibilities of Kingdom Supply as well as direct sales.

  • Shawn Smucker
    Co-Founder and COO
    Shawn works directly with our suppliers and our workforce, his focus is making things run smoothly and efficiently.


    • Kevin Snader
      Product Manager
      Kevin’s main responsibility is efficient product flow in our facilities.

    • Jeshurun Bartch
      Warehouse Manager
      Jeshurun’s job is to make sure all our product moves in and out of our facilities quickly and hassle-free. He deals directly with customers providing them with high value shipping solutions no matter the size.

    • Auston Tkaczuk
      Marketing, Research & Development
      Auston handles all things marketing and day to day business development. He is involved in creating and maintaining efficient systems that help to increase our production and capabilities.

    • Kelsey Neuman
      Director of eCommerce
      Kelsey manages all of our eCommerce platforms. She is directly involved with and instrumental in the optimization of our products.

    • Fernando Vasconcellos
      Software Development
      Fernando maintains all of our software, critical UI components and works with our contractors to build and develop thoughtful software.

    • Josiah Neuman
      Refurbishing Department Manager
      Josiah manages our refurbishing department, fixes and repairs many of the used electronics we receive and manages our refurbishing technicians.